Book ideas

Which ones are pretty good ideas? These are samples, not a full description of the books but just some ideas:

BANG!- (one of my non-christian books. Mostly action packed and adventurous) based off of the game BANG! a group of kids are sent into the game after they opened the case up. The only way to exit is to win and to win, you must kill. Outlaws win by killing the sheriff, deputies and the sheriff wins by killing the outlaws and the renegade, renegade wins by killing everyone else and then the sheriff. The twist: No one can tell who they are or know who each other is except the sheriff who is the only one to reveal himself.

Spreading the Word- a young kid around the age of 15 loves spreading God’s word through rain or shine. He spreads it through the internet and through reality. He has saved multiple lives and has stopped many people from hurting themselves or committing suicide. But, not everyone appreciates how Biblical he is and tries to hunt him down and stop his gospel spreading. Join him in the journey to spread God’s word and to follow God’s voice to not only know where to tell His word, but to protect him from the harm of others.

Corrupted World- A world deleted of religion in now the earth in 150 years from now. Atheists and evolutionists are the only ones welcome. Anyone who has a religion, christianity, hinduism, or any of those are captured and killed. One faithful day, a young girl finds a Bible hidden in the ashes of a house. Instead of throwing it away, she read it in secret. Everyday, she read God’s word, wanting to know more. People got suspicious of her when she acted differently to others, being kind or loving. No one has ever felt love or these emotions in a while ever sense the transition happened. Some people liked it and wanted to know why she was doing this. Others tried to get her to tell her what and why she was doing this but the ones following her would protect against her. Travel along this girl as she protects his word through thrills and heartbreak because not everything turns out well.

Insanity- (this is one of my non-christian subjects. more of a horror and supernatural) A young kid lives with his brother who treats him awfully. There is a reason to this. The kid possesses a mental disability which can make him insane and see things that arent there. Shadow creatures, writings on walls, and if he looks through the mirror in this state, he can see what bad things will happen to him in the future. One day, the insanity takes the best of him. Unusual events happen around him, not only affecting him but affecting others. The shadow creatures appear in real life and kill brutally.  What will happen to him? Will he find a way to stop this or will the stuff continue to happen?